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Selection processes of security personnel’s and manpower at diamond security personal is simple. However only those candidates who are honest, hard & willing workers, who fulfill the minimum following criteria, are considered for selection.

• Basic qualification of security guard shall be more than 10th passed
• Average height shall be 5 feet 7 inch
• A candidate shall be medically fit
• One should be fluent in Hindi language spoken and writing.
All new recruitments at all levels are done by a team of H R presided over by Chief Manager Administration & Operation & managing partner.

Onsite Training

Security Guard training is first and the most important step in forming the good Security Guard. In the supervision of Security Supervisors, all of our Guards are well trained and learnt all required things related to their jobs, like Tasks & Duties, Site Assessment, Risk Assessment, Threat Perceptions, Contingency Planning, Practice Drills, Emergency Procedures.

Our training also includes Human Behavior & Interpersonal Skills Communication, Human Rights, Vigilance, Patrolling, Protection of Premises & Alarm Systems, First Aid & Sanitation, Squad Drill, Lahti Drill, Traffic Control Signals, Vehicles Parking, Bomb Threats, Access Control of Humans, Materials, Vehicles, Property, Addressing the emergency situations, Accident Prevention etc…

Physical Training

As far as physical fitness is concerned, it’s obvious that the more “in-shape” you are, the better. Most entry-level security positions require a bit of walking, depending on the location(s) that you are sent to protect and oversee, and certain situations may arise while on the job that may require you to run or lift-heavy objects.


To enable the trainee to carry out the duties as uniformed security staff in immaculate dress, having smart, crisp movements, responding promptly to orders of superiors in a disciplined manner at all times. To improve physical fitness of the trainee, enabling him to be capable of carrying out sustained work, thereby contributing to a healthy body capable of resisting small illnesses. He learns also learn to handle certain violent situations.

Special Training

Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting
We provide special training to our security personnel to make them aware of the causes of fire, the types of fire, operate various types of fire extinguishers and other equipment generally used for putting off fire. At the end of the training session, the trainee is able to know what to do in case of a fire emergency, their duties as part of a fire fighting party, cordon party, salvage party, rescue party, take precautions to prevent out-break of fire and if required be able to organize the existing manpower in these groups.

First Aid and Evacuation Procedure
We provide special training to have elementary knowledge of serious accidents and serious illnesses, give first aid to the victims under the circumstances of serious burn injury, gas victims, and victims of de-hydration, cardiac attack and electric shock. At the end of the training session, the trainee is able to obtain assistance to evacuate the victims for specialized treatment and have knowledge of contents and usage of first aid box.

Traffic Control
We prepare all G.I. Group personnel to carry out one of the most important assignments that they frequently do i.e., Access and Traffic Control. The main purpose of this training is to make them able to handle all visitors, government personnel, contractors, employees and their relations, casual labour, and others on the organization’s premises; control and account for the keys to the organization’s property and premises; control incoming and out-going materials with the view to avoid pilferage; control the entry and exit of all types of vehicles and maintain records on the computer or in registers.

Handling Threat of Bomb/Explosive
We provide special training to our security personnel to take precautionary steps in case of threat of bomb/explosives, reduce the damage as far as possible, obtain assistance from government agencies concerned, lead the organization’s employees to safety (crowd control), and assist the police bomb disposal squad in their investigation of the threat and/or explosion.

Supervisory Training

Observation & inspection is another part of training of Security Guards. We provide supervisory training to those security personnel found capable of supervisory duties. This training module covers supervision, leadership, human relationship management, substance abuse detection and counseling, mentoring, psychological aspects of leadership, emergency response, etc. They are trained in creating observation and inspection in case of doubts. This may belong to unauthorized access which tries to access a denied place or property.

Pre-Job Training
According to each client's requirements, our Security Guards are given appropriate pre-job orientation & training. This training is based on the client's specifications, job complexity and level of responsibility.

Refresher Training
We give mandatory refresher training to all our security personnel twice a year. More frequent training is provided as per the client's needs and the performance of each specific individual.

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