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Welcome to Andhra Security

Andhra Security is one of the Sister Concern Companies of Sharp Detectives Pvt. Ltd the best Detective Agency in India. Andhra Security is one of the leading Security Agencies in Andhra Pradesh, India and also provides International Security & had its base in Andhra Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, the Company has spread its tentacles in Karnataka, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Punjab, Haryana, and Delhi (NCR). We went into the business of professional private security services at a time when the concept was completely unheard of in India. Now, Andhra Security are the leader in the field of Security Guards Employs over 10,000 trained Security Guards & is capable of dealing with all contracts. Our current security contracts range from small organizations to Multi-national Firms in various industries. We offer complete security solutions, consultancy, Man Power, Security Supervisor and trained security guards in Andhra Pradesh, Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Pune and also anywhere in India.

Andhra Security provide Security Guards Services, Un-Armed Security Guards Services, Armed Guards Security Services, Trained Security Guards Services, Gun Man Security Services, VIP and Executive Security services, Corporate Security Services, Industrial Security Guards Services, Event Security Services, Personal Body guards, Security Guards Training, Security Guards Recruitment Services, Security supervisors, Lady Security Guards and Officers throughout India.

The Company strives to render efficient and effective security services to all its clients maintaining high standards of professional competency, commitment and selfless service to achieve total Customer Satisfaction

We are a private limited, incorporated company into business since the last 31 years. We are duly licenced and registered under all the Statutory Regulations of E.P.F., E.S.I.C., Service Tax, etc., details of which are given in this website. We are the only company in Andhra Pradesh which is licensed under the Private Security Agencies (Regulation) Act of 2005 under licence No.57/08, dated: 09/09/2008. We are rendering Security Guarding, Private Investigations and related products sales & services.

Andhra Security have classified our Security Staff into five categories based on our clients' budget & requirements and the value added services provided by us to facilitate our clients to select the staff based on their requirements & budget. We have also evaluated these categories based on the educational qualifications, physical standards and experience of the Security Staff apart from their Salary and Statutory Payments expected to be paid to them as per the State & Central Government's Notifications.

To complement their duties we will install one Electronic Intruder Alarm which does not have the complex human limitations, at no extra cost. Thus, our Client has two guards at the cost of one.

General Duty Guards:-
General Duty Guards are guards with basic education but have adequate experience and ability to do normal guarding duties efficiently. To complement their duties we will install one Electronic Intruder Alarm which does not have the complex human limitations, at no extra cost. Thus, our Client has two guards at the cost of one. These guards are purely on Direct Employment / Cash Payment Basis.

Corporate/ Industrial Guards:-
Corporate/ Industrial Security guards will be at least matriculates, who can read and write local language and Hindi, with knowledge of English. These Guards will be well built and well versed in Guarding duties. Two Electronic Intruder Alarms will be provided at no extra cost. Thus, the Client has two guards at the cost of one.

Elite Guards:-
Elite Guards will be above matriculation and of top quality, capable of reading and writing English, Hindi, and local languages, well built and usually about 5'7" in height, clad in very impressive uniforms and are highly efficient in their duties, having more than FIVE years experience in security guarding duties. For every two / three guards deployed per shift, we will back them up with one deep search HAND HELD METAL DETECTOR

Ex-Servicemen / D.G.R. Guards (8 Hours Duty):-
We also provide Ex-Servicemen Guards, as per the norms of the Directorate of Resettlement, New Delhi.

Guards as per Minimum Wages Act (8 Hours Duty):-
Almost all Organizations, both in Public and Private Sectors, are aware of the numerous advantages of engaging Agency Security, instead of employing staff on their payroll. This is mainly to offload the enormous paperwork & problems of dealing with the Statutory Bodies.

A few serious statutory commitments, as applicable to the establishments, are listed below.

• Staff Salaries (minimum) as per the Act of 1936
• E.S.I.C. (Employer's 4.5 %) as per the Act of 1948
• E.P.F. (Employer's 13.61%) as per the Act of 1956
• S.T. (Client's Contribution 12.36%) as per the Act of 1990
• Gratuity as Per the Act of 1972.
• Annual / Casual / Sick Leave as per the Act of 1966.
• Bonus (8.33%) as per the Act of 1965.
• Cost of Uniforms, Accessories, Torches, Batons, Raincoats, Shoes etc.
• General Holidays 18 days a year, Fringe Benefits and Allowances.
• Overtime (Double) as per the Act of 1976.

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