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So far the inquiries generated advantage has been reaped by a few Security Agencies that are commercially associated with us. To expand the scope & utility of this website, we are now offering to include Individuals & Agencies interested in availing the irresistible services offered in this website.

It is a fact that all business establishments spend huge amounts of money on advertisements through various media. Small and medium entrepreneurs mostly advertise in local yellow pages, which media has become primitive and obsolete with the emergence of Internet and the world having shrunk into a global village. Thus most of the entrepreneurs linkup with outer powerful trains pulled by Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, MSN, Ask etc…

Firstly, availability of a powerful name and that too with .COM extension is impossible, thereafter the Registration of a Domain name, Designing, Hosting, Parking, Monitoring, Positioning and Promoting a website is a continuous, time consuming, highly technical and expensive task with a very high level of specialized skills, thus we established an IT company named TOPAXIS.COM, providing all these services under one roof, to a specialized group of Security professionals through www.andhrasecurity.com being one of our premium projects. We have chosen .com domain name as it is most prestigious and widely popular throughout the world.